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Can Nuclear Energy Save Humanity?

Nuclear Energy has been our knowledge ever since the first nuclear bombs hit cities of Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, it became clear that

Germany’s non-nuclear future

The U.S. hasn’t really engaged this debate. The assumption seems to be that nuclear can go forward with a few more safeguards. There’s also a

Constellation’s cancellation

The nuclear renaissance in America has just taken a hit as the power company, Constellation Energy, gives up on its proposed nuclear plant on the

Alternatives to Indian Point

This Letter to the Editor of the New York Times praises the Time’s recent editorial on the denial of a water permit to Entergy’s Indian Point

Showdown at Indian Point

A New York Times editorial approves of as a “very welcome decision” New York State’s ruling that the Indian Point nuclear plant violates the Clean

New York denies Indian Point a water permit

Nuclear energy, and particularly Entergy Corp., suffered another adverse ruling when New York denied the India Point plant a water permit because it kills so

Radioactive leak is fixed at Vermont plant

After two months’ repair, the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant can begin operating again. The state senate has ordered it closed for good in 2012. Reversal