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Heat Waves


Moody Weather

When someone generally thinks of the weather, one’s thoughts focus on if it might start raining soon? Does it seem cloudy outside? Is it too


Climate Change Fuels Ominous Wildfires

The entire Northwest US is ablaze. Multiple fires in California, Oregon, and Washington state have burned more than 1.5 million acres, torn through entire towns,


Save Our Waterways, Eat Less Meat

You eat a quarter-pounder made with meat from a cow whose main diet is munching on crops such as corn, soy, wheat and oats. Those crops need irrigation from a water resource. We’re talking a lot of water. In the end, to produce one whole pound of beef takes 1800 gallons of water, or 450 gallons for a quarter-pound hamburger.

Climate Change and Resulting Diseases

Negative Impacts of Climate Change Climate change is an anthropogenic change which is imposed by human activities in the environmental system. It occurs both naturally