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Student Blogs

Can you survive under water? by City Tech Blogger Christopher Barros

We all view water as being one of the most essential factors for survival, the reason for this is because we can only sustain being without it for about two weeks. However what if this same water was surrounding you and little by little gaining height and potentially

The Earth is Changing Fast! by City Tech Blogger Mohammed Forkan

  Climate change is heard so frequently now that people are just sidestepping the topic. What is a climate change then? I rather briefly inform you the causes without giving you a literal meaning of it. The rising of sea levels, shrinking mountain glaciers, accelerating ice melt in

Altering the Environment by City Tech Blogger Nathan Persaud

Changing climates on Earth is something everyone is currently experiencing whether they like it or not. This type of change refers to change in climate or temperature change in a specific region. This could be a change in Earth’s usual temperature. Earth’s climate has always been constantly changing.

Wake up and smell the traffic!!! by City Tech Blogger Sergio Carrillo

As time passes technology is moving forward in many ways. Some countries really take it to the next level for applications in fields where there is a major need of enhanced ways of living in this beautiful environment. But lately the air we breathe is not as clean

Adapting to Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Gerald Pasco

There are many different solutions that we as a society can do to help prevent climate change. When I think about ways to prevent climate change I think about the switch to renewable energy instead of relying on fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases

Forest Resiliency Down Due to Climate Changes by City Tech Blogger Frantzy Dor

Post fire tree regeneration and resiliency has been affected by climate change as reported by Science Daily. Researchers have analyzed 1,500 forest regions in five states over the past three decades and have concluded that post fire tree regeneration (a key indicator of forest resiliency), has declined significantly.