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Student Blogs

California Hit Hard by Climate Change by Barnard Blogger Lily Farr

When we returned to school this fall, the biggest headlines were about the fires in Northern California. Everywhere I went, a Californian shared their fears. My friend from San Francisco told me her family was forced to stay inside, due to the extremely low air quality. Another friend

Adapting to Drought in California by Barnard Blogger Lauren Hayashi

I have chosen to write about my personal experience involving climate change in my hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. I was in my senior year of high school when the drought of 2013/2014 occurred. During this drought, California experienced its driest twelve- month period on record. The

Climate Change in Russia by Barnard Blogger Emma Brody

Climate change is now affecting the entire globe on some level. Certain places have been more affected than others, and will continue to be affected in different severities and ways. Russia has already been affected by climate change; many of the issues that are already arising will continue

California: Is the Worst Yet To Come? by Barnard Blogger Melody Tai

Recently, I was showing a friend a photo of my dog, and she half-jokingly commented that my dog looked as if he were standing in the middle of a deserted wasteland. That wasteland she referred to was actually the parched grass and cracked dirt of my Southern California

Hurricane Sandy impacts on Oceanside, NY by Barnard Blogger Maggie Paul

Nearly 5 years ago, Hurricane Sandy gained momentum across the Atlantic and eventually devastated many coastal cities, including my hometown Oceanside, NY. Governor Cuomo estimated New York State damages at $41.9 Billion. Hurricane Sandy was later deemed the largest and most powerful hurricane to have ever formed in

The Place I Know the Best: CAFOs by Barnard Blogger Sage Max

The place I know the best is not a place I have never visited. This place, however, exists in almost every US state. It is not only affected by climate change, but causes climate change to a greater degree than the entire transportation sector combined. Ultimately, it is