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Student Blogs

The Impact of Drought by City Tech Blogger Jonathan Saldana

Drought is a period of below average precipitation resulting in a prolonged shortage of water from the atmosphere, the surface or the groundwater. We need to keep in mind a drought can last for a long period of time, impacting our ecosystem and agriculture within a  region. Drought

India and Renewable Energy by City-Tech Blogger Aayush Madaan

Over the next 10 to 20 years, it is fair to assume India would be a major competitor against China in the production of renewable energy. In addition, India’s dependence on fossil fuels will reach an all-time low. Since many people in the country are poor and don’t

Bangladesh Hard Hit by Climate Change by City-Tech Blogger Wasif Prottoy

Climate change is slowly shifting the world in a dangerous way. Many places are still waiting to see the effects of climate change on their area. Since they do not see major developments happening immediately, they do not feel the threat of it. Unfortunately, climate change is already

India Leads on Climate Change by City-Tech blogger Aayush Madaan

My home country, India, has been a major part of the Paris Climate Change talks and a part of the Climate Change Agreement. India has received a lot of pressure from the international community to use renewable energy despite India’s annual global emissions being under 6% which is


Floods & NYC Preparation on Future Floods

Natural disasters have become more frequent over the past five years for many reasons, one of which is global warming has raised sea levels about 8 inches since 1880 and the rate of rise is accelerating according to scientists. Also, according to a Climate Central Analysis, finds that

Alternative Fuels for a Better Future by City-Tech Blogger Benny Lui

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / UCSUSA Natural gas is created deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Natural gas consists mainly of methane and a small amount of hydrocarbon gas liquids and nonhydrocarbon liquids. Natural gases are used as a fuel for powerplants, heating, cooking, and even cars. Even though most