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Let’s See More Hybrid Vehicles! by Citi-Tech Blogger Viki Bailey

Photo Credit: MIT Technology Review I have always wondered why car dealerships do not push to sell hybrid vehicles like they push to sale non-hybrid vehicles. I visited a car dealership just to experiment if the dealer would push the hybrid model and  oppose the non-hybrid model. The

Airplane Exhaust: Harmful Inside and Out by CityTech blogger Viki Bailey

Studies say that any type of toxic pollutant kills thousands. We know that airplane crashes kill people but what about airplane releases of exhaust? Emissions from planes flying above 3,000 feet can have as harmful exhaust as it does landing. Last year the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared that

What about that 3%? by CityTech Blogger Jonathan Yee

By now, just about everyone knows the often-cited statistic: 97% of papers agree that anthropogenic climate change (ACC, referred to as AGW in the article) is real. The remainder consists of dissenting papers that reject ACC– a total of 38 papers. As it turns out, those papers had not

Waters Run Deep by CityTech Blogger Krystal Valdez

According to a recent study done by students and professors at Portland State University, Department of Geology, it has been discovered that one of the largest glaciers in America located at Wind River Range Wyoming are melting. Roughly around 70 years ago researchers first measured one of the

Applauding India for Taking Action by CityTech Blogger Richard Gonzalez

An article I found that was written about a year ago was very interesting but not surprising. The article appears on the EIA (Environmental investigation Agency) website and the title is “Climate; India acts on HFC-23 as Talks Enter Critical Phase.” The interesting part is that it has been known for

Increasing Sahel storms in West Africa by City-Tech Blogger Mariano Huaman

A new study has found that in West Africa Sahel climate change is making a difference in the storms. This area is between the Atlantic and the Red Sea. Climate change impacts has upset rainfall patterns making storms three times stronger than in the previous years. Sahel storms are considered

It’s Getting Hotter in Rio Grande by City-Tech Blogger Branden Harris

Rio Grande New Mexico has been affected by global warming lately, according to an article on Climate Central. Temperatures have risen at the Upper Rio Grande by approximately 2°F since the 1980s. This rapid rise was caused by natural weather variation and global warming. Scientists have discovered that the