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Effect & Threats of Climate Change in My Home Country Nepal

Regional effects of climate change are proving to be long-term significant changes in the expected patterns of average weather.  The world average temperature is rising due to increasing levels of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide. When the global temperature changes, the changes in climate are not expected to

The Climate Crisis and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Climate change plays a huge role in a global pandemic. Because of rising temperatures and deforestation the animals are forced to leave their natural habitat and migrate to a better habitable environment (Goodell). During this migration when animals from different species move to the same environment the pathogen

The Effect CFCs Have on Climate Change

A major issue in climate change is man-made compounds such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and halons. These gases act to destroy earth’s lower and upper atmosphere. Scientists have proven that the stratospheric layer makes life possible by shielding the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays that are generated


Should you Buy an Electric Vehicle in 2021?

Maybe you don’t know that there are more than 287.3 million cars in the U.S. as of 2020 and there are 38% more cars on the streets of the United States today than in 1991. More than 900 Americans out of every 1,000 Americans own cars. With the

Designing Green

As a student in the architectural technology program at CityTech, architects have a duty to protect the environment which mean their work ties directly into climate change.  As the population of the planet increases architects are in higher demand to design new buildings and improve existing buildings to


How is Climate Change Affecting Pakistan?

Pakistan, my home, is such a beautiful country. In fact, if you divide the name of Pakistan into two parts, Pak means pure and stan means land of pure in the Urdu language. There are so many pretty places to go in Pakistan and it is as beautiful


Climate Change Impacts Agriculture in Bangladesh

As we start talking about climate change, we first need to think about if we are directly or indirectly responsible for these changes. We also need to consider how we would be effected by these changes. One of the necessary things for any living species to stay alive


Climate Change in My Region

I am a New York City resident and live in the northeastern part of the United States. It wasn’t until after the industrial revolution (around 1840), that climate throughout the world took a drastic change. For the northeastern U.S. and New York State, climate change has been especially


My Take: Slowing Climate Change

Climate has been changing throughout history may it be by natural causes or due to human interactions, there is no denying that fact. However, as time passes countries are developing technologies in hopes of repairing or preventing more damage to the earth and the environment. These actions may


My Take: Using Our Resources to Survive

Not more than 15 years ago, it was thought by many that drastic changes to our climate was inevitable. Even without the data of earth scientists, it was as if you could feel variance in the climate.  Today, I think that climate change is in fact inevitable but


My Take: Rubbish That May Eliminate Our Future

Climate change today is a major issue around the world. Not being able to keep up with the day to day changes within the world leads to destruction of wildlife and human species entirely as we know it. Think about the recurring forest fires or the ice caps