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Bottled Water: A History by CityTech blogger Viki Bailey

Photo Credit: Pinterest The history of bottled water, as written in a website I visited, states: “The first bottle of water happened in 1622 in United Kingdom’s Holy Well bottling plant.” In an effort to copy the fizziness of mineral water, Johann Jacob Schweppes manufactures carbonated water in


El Nino and Famine in Africa: Is Media Just? by CityTech blogger Viki Bailey

Slider Photo Credit: ABC News Featured Photo Credit: blog.frontiergap.com When I see a picture like the one in this blog, I see someone lionizing their image by posing next to a famine country. Many countries in East Africa like Ethiopia are battling crippling drought caused by record El

E-Cycling by CityTech blogger Viki Bailey

Photo Credit: NiloTech Ecycling There is a new sherriff in town and it is called E-Cycling. What is E-Cycling? E-Cycling or E-waste is the practice of reusing, or distributing for reuse electronic equipment and components rather than discarding them at the end of their life cycle. It’s recycling

Altering Environment by CityTech Blogger Nathan Persuad

Photo Credit: Nathan Kensinger / Curbed New York The changing climate on Earth is something everyone is currently experiencing whether they like it or not. This type of shift refers to a change in climate or temperature in a specific region. It could also be a change in

Mother Nature Won’t Stop Hurricane Nate by CityTech blogger Angel Orellana

Photo Credit: https://earth.nullschool.net/ After Hurricane Irma and Harvey caused massive destruction, another tropical storm named Nate is already approaching the Gulf Coast. Nate has caused deadly flooding in Nicaragua and Honduras. There is a possibility that it might hit coastal Louisiana to the Gulf Coast of Florida. After


Solar Power: Incentives and Tesla? by CITI-Tech blogger Viki Bailey

Photo Credit: Winegard – Amazon / altered by Viki Bailey Solar power, is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination of the two. There are many kinds of discounts and incentives to get people to invest in solar power. Do these incentives even

Let’s See More Hybrid Vehicles! by Citi-Tech Blogger Viki Bailey

Photo Credit: MIT Technology Review I have always wondered why car dealerships do not push to sell hybrid vehicles like they push to sale non-hybrid vehicles. I visited a car dealership just to experiment if the dealer would push the hybrid model and  oppose the non-hybrid model. The

Airplane Exhaust: Harmful Inside and Out by CityTech blogger Viki Bailey

Studies say that any type of toxic pollutant kills thousands. We know that airplane crashes kill people but what about airplane releases of exhaust? Emissions from planes flying above 3,000 feet can have as harmful exhaust as it does landing. Last year the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared that