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Yes, the Weather is Changing by City-Tech Blogger Jiaxin Huang

Personally, I have noticed that the weather pattern in NYC has changed over the past couple of years. While I don’t feel like it is particularly colder or warmer during the different seasons, I have noticed that the seasons present itself differently than it did in the past.

Hot Summer in Polar Land by City-Tech Blogger Zinaida Patrusheva

Before I came to the US I had never seen trees blooming in Spring. The land I grew up in has a subarctic climate, that means very cold winters and short rainy summers and also poor vegetation. In the north region of Russia there is a town called

Think Too Much CO2, Think Electric Cars by City-Tech Blogger Eduardo Bravo

Due to the high concentrations of CO2 in the United States, the temperature has increased. Globally the amount of CO2 released in the entire world is influencing climate change, according to the article “Atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to climb, despite reductions from some nations” the atmosphere

Carbon-Capture Storage by City-Tech Blogger Zhengdao Li

As one of the largest countries in the world, China has been leading the fight against climate change. China’s most recent efforts is developing carbon-capture storage facilities which turns carbon dioxide emissions from coal to gas fuel plants. Located in Shaanxi Province, the facility is built to capture

Typhoons in Hong Kong by City Tech Blogger Danny Zhou

Most of my extended family currently resides in Hong Kong, and because of that, I pay close attention to the news and to the weather reports. What I’ve noticed happening more frequently in Hong Kong are the typhoons. Hurricanes and typhoons are basically the same thing but the


Growing Population Economies, Water & Climate Change

A rising human population and resulting increased economic activities are some of the reasons for our environmental problems. These problems relate to water scarcity, air, soil, fauna and flora. Climate change in particular has led to an increase in water scarcity, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

California Drought and Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Jerry Camilien

Climate change is drastically affecting the west coast of the United States, especially California which has experienced major droughts due to the lack of long rain. While living in California, I experienced the after-effects of a long drought, which devastated the state. In 2014 California the safe levels