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The Place I Know the Best: CAFOs by Barnard Blogger Sage Max

The place I know the best is not a place I have never visited. This place, however, exists in almost every US state. It is not only affected by climate change, but causes climate change to a greater degree than the entire transportation sector combined. Ultimately, it is

Things you may not know about the Heat Waves by CityTech blogger Maria De Leon

As climate change proceeds, there will be more extreme weather events, and these events pose a threat to people’s health. Extreme weather will affect people and animals, as well as whole ecosystems. Heatwaves and high temperatures can have a dramatic impact on people’s physical health. We only have

Devastated Caribbean Island Needs Help by CityTech blogger David Perez Ramos

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season have been one of the most overwhelming periods for natural disasters to many countries, especially Caribbean island nations. As we have seen, the pass of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have also caused massive damage to the North American continent. The States

Turning Trash into Energy by CityTech blogger Frantzy Dor

Photo Credit: Matthew Lloyd / Bloomberg A Danish energy company that goes by the name of Dong Energy is developing a new technology that would convert trash into energy by breaking down organic materials to create power. This process is unique because this company has developed a method