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The Impact of Flooding Due to Climate Change by City Tech Blogger The Urban Environmentalist

Flooding is an natural catastrophe, occurring when an excess of water submerges normally dry ground. Floods in coastal locations are often produced by heavy rainfall, quick snowmelt, or natural disasters such as an storm surge from tropical cyclones. (Blöschl, et al., 2019). Additionally, floods can be produced by excessive

Mitigating Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Starlyn Hiraldo

As we all know, climate change is a big issue in today’s world. We can’t stop it completely from continuing to happen because it would take 100 years for the global temperature to cool down without us emitting any greenhouse gases. That itself, is impossible unless we all


LEED and Green Buildings by City Tech Blogger Jialun Xiao

A green building is referred to as a building that saves resources to the maximum extent, protects the environment and reduces pollution, provides people with healthy, suitable, and efficient use space, and coexists in harmony with nature during the entire life cycle of the building. Green buildings provide


Effects of Climate Change by a City Tech Blogger

Climate Change is defined as an “long term change in our normal weather/climate, that have drastic effects both positive and negative for the planet.” The environmental changes are caused by the concentration of the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere due to human activities such as burning fossil fuel,


Adapting to Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Darren Le

Adaptations are largely focused on cities — but urban slums and rural areas are excluded. Since 2010, the world’s population had lived in cities rather than rural areas. As a result, strategies have been developed to solve climate problems either with more air conditioning on hot days or


Famine And Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Zhenghua Li

Climate change is changing people’s lives every way. Many natural disasters that affect people are also caused by climate change and famine is one of them. Famine is one of the worst disasters for people. When there is drought and ecosystem damage to a local area, famine may