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Heat Waves & Litter Impacting Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Jeff Mao

I am doing research about heat waves. Their impacts are droughts, forest fires. Destroying forests do worsen the climate crisis. This country is critically impacted by this crisis ranging from excessive and oppressive heat waves that are causing horrendous forest fires. One example is in California. The Golden


The Future Is GREEN-ish By City Tech Blogger Filip Valencin

We know pollutions from road vehicles is real and looking at the biggest air pollutants in 2020, not surprisingly transportation still comes out on top with emissions increasing each year. A couple months ago, my walk around parked cars on the streets should have been no more interesting


My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Andray Whyte

Our world’s climate is an intriguing system that can be both beautiful and chaotic. Its our world natural cycle that helps provides our natural world lifestyles. Life on this planet depends on the natural cycle of our climate and its especially important for us. With the effect of


My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Asra Pervaiz

Climate change has been with us since the beginning of the world. Due to greenhouse gas emissions, the sun’s heat is trapped which causes the Earth to go through climate change. Earth is significantly getting warmer. Due to climate change, the Earth also goes through more extreme natural


My Take on Climate Change: A Dangerous Future by a City Tech Blogger

  The effects of climate change are real, they are happening right now, and some are irreversible and will last for centuries even in the best-case scenario. The pandemic and confinement have helped us highlight the impact we all have on the environment. Quarantining was a break and


My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Fareen Bacchus

My Take On Climate Change is that climate change is real and it’s happening everyday, naturally and with human activity. One thing that I noticed is that our winters aren’t as harsh as ten years ago. Now we tend to have shorter and less harsh winters. Our summers


My Take: Our Fight on Climate Change by a City Tech Blogger

Climate change is a topic not many people ponder when going about their daily lives. Although we experience the effects everyday, we like to feign ignorance to the damage we are causing to the planet. I am, of course, no exception to this and like to think that


My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Jenson Mendez

What is Climate? Climate is the average of weather taken over a long period of time. What is Climate Change? Climate Change is an anthropogenic change, imposed on a system of humans. As a human in a society of humans I feel like it’s not only our responsibility


My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Joshuri Ginyard

Climate changes are anthropogenic changes which are imposed on nature’s systems by humans. After watching climate change become more and more visible, I realized it’s a long and lasting version of Hunger Games for the animals, which is the worst part about it. Since the Arctic is melting,