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How We Help to Slow, Stop or Solve Climate Change by a City Tech Blogger

If everyone could stop in a minute to acknowledge the harms we are causing on our planet, what would earth look like in the next 10 years or is it too late?  To quote George Bernard Shaw: “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their


My take on Climate Change By A City Tech Blogger

  In the recent decade, I personally observed that temperatures started to get warmer and the winter season isn’t as cold as it once was. There have usual changes in temperature such as temperatures normally near zero degrees in the wintertime being in the twenties and thirties. In


Climate Change Effects in NYC by City Tech Blogger Orel Jeffrey

New York City is one of the most resourceful cities in the United States. Since the 1970s, the effects of climate change have become more apparent.  Warmer temperatures, rising sea levels and more snow and rain are a few of the effects experienced. While a number of investments


The Climate Change Disaster By City Tech Blogger Zin Win Ko

The issue of climate change has created significant changes in weather patterns and has allowed temperatures to shift overtime. In terms of human activity, the excessive burning of fossil fuels and deforestation have contributed to the increasing atmospheric temperature of the Earth. This raises the likelihood of natural


Climate Change in my Home Country, China by a City Tech Blogger

  Climate change is a globalized situation and it will affect everyone who lives on this planet. When I was a child, this was the first globalized environmental issue I learned about and it is commonly everlasting. To be honest, people like to get used to it and


Rising Sea Level by City Tech Blogger S M Murad

Rising sea level is an issue that not only a certain place in the world has to deal with. The rising sea level will affect every single human, animal, continent. The earth is in serious trouble, even though it seems this issue is not urgent, it definitely is!


The Infinite Impacts of Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Kaela Barzola

Agriculture significantly contributes to society, it is the art and science of cultivating the soil and raising livestock; providing endless benefits such as food, shelter, clothing, materials, as well as international trade. Unfortunately, climate change has the ability to disrupt aspects of agriculture. Climate change infers a long-term


The Effect of Climate Change on Life by City Tech Blogger Zhenghua Li

Climate change has affected people negatively in many different ways, in terms of their  life safety, living quality, and food supply. Humans are continuing to playing an very important role in the issue of climate change. The effects of climate change have led to increased atmospheric temperatures as


Sink or Swim: A City Under Water By City Tech Blogger SM Murad

Hurricanes have different variations and they are mostly formed in the North Atlantic Ocean or Northeast pacific. Hurricanes are very similar to Cyclones and Typhoons, they are named differently based on their geographical location. Whatever the case is, the damage is almost always devastating. Hurricanes rip through their


The Effect of Climate Change on Our Daily Lives By City Tech Blogger Jeraldy Garcia

Agricultural industries, tourism, and the people are important influences on how people live and make their profits. Climate change is shifting how we live today. This results in negative affects on the crops, fishing, sales, and people’s daily lives. Climate change has a large impact on agriculture. The