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Will Wind Power Help Mitigate Climate Change? by City Tech Blogger Angel Herrera Vargas

What is Climate Change According to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), It’s when we release carbon like burning coal or using gas-powered cars causes the greenhouse effect, which causes our atmosphere to have a higher concentration of CO2. Wind Power Impacting Climate Change Like solar and nuclear,


Climate Change and Agriculture By City Tech Blogger Ethan Brown

When it comes to agriculture, such practice  is highly dependent on the climate. Therefore, climate change has a negative effect on agriculture due to its unpredictable changes in climate. The intricate pattern the climate change makes the practices of farming and growing crops yet more uneasy than the


The Next Big Thing: Solid State Battery By City Tech Blogger Brian Gomes

I think we are in the process of doing something revolutionary, that is  mass-producing solid-state batteries. Solid-state batteries are like lithium-ion batteries but better. They promise to provide more energy, less charging time, longer life, and  safer to use. Solid-state batteries are not a new concept, in fact


Sea Level Rise and Climate Change By City Tech Blogger Jan Adamez

The world mean sea level increased by around 8 to 9 inches from 1880. Most of this increase has been observed in the past two and half decades. The increasing water level happens because of meltwaters emerging from glaciers. Further, glaciers turn into water with all forms of


Impacts of Civil Engineering on Aspiring Civil Engineers by City Tech Blogger Hong Zhu

Civil engineering is an engineering discipline that handles designing, constructing, and maintaining all physical or naturally built environments. Built environments are composed of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, drainage systems, and many more (Columbia). With proper designs and meticulous calculations, civil engineers provide safety to all users ranging from


Architect’s Role in Climate Crisis By City Tech Blogger Tahir Khan

    Architecture is interpreted as a skill of designing and constructing buildings. For architects to be able to design a good building, he or she needs to be conversant with the surrounding environment and the natural systems (Irvine). Generally, the understanding of the climatic condition of an


How New Carbon Technology Can Solve & Stop Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Yuehan Guo

  Carbon is a versatile atom with flexible chemical properties that allows it to form very complex compounds. Sunlight is electromagnetic radiation that contains energy, which plants use to break apart carbon dioxide and use carbon to build complex organic molecules, a process known as photosynthesis.In photosynthesis, plants


How Climate Change Affects Our Health By City Tech Blogger Erica Fournier

Climate change affects many things in our society. In this essay, I will be discussing the correlation between increased air pollution and respiratory issues. Air pollution has been known to play a big part in triggering hospital visits in people with respiratory issues. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also


Deforestation: The Biggest Threat to Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Andy

  Future predictions indicate alarming climate, land use, ocean and air problems in the near future are becoming very prominent and have been adversely affecting the poor and weak of many societies. Continuing down this road would drive billions of people to the limits of human existence without


Climate Change and Famine by City Tech Blogger Yuehan Guo

  Even without climate change, large numbers of people around the world still face the threat of famine. And climate change may be the one factor that makes things worse. In poor African countries, the food supply in those countries is already in a precarious state. For most