Brooklyn Botanical Garden

In spring 2020, an innovative three-way collaboration took place between ClimateYou, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and two City Tech classes. It was a success. City Tech students in Professor Robin Michals’ Communication Design Photography Class and those in Professor Reginald Blake’s Natural Disaster Class joined together to explore evidence of climate change at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. This unique, cross-discipline collaboration paired photography students with student writers, each reflecting and sharing his or her personal observations of how the changing climate affects nature.


Warmer Earth, Earlier Spring Bloom

The gardens at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens have shown the effects of climate change every year, with the early bloom of flowers that should not have bloomed yet. Snowdrops and daffodils usually bloom in late winter to early spring and bloomed snowdrops are the first sign that spring is


City Tech Students Discover Climate Change at Botanical Gardens

Second visits usually reveal so much more, and so it was last Friday when students from City Tech University returned to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to learn about phenology, sustainability, water conservation, early — very early —  spring blooming, all through the lens of climate change. Clicking away