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Waking Up to Climate Change


Agir Pour l’Environnement


Agir Pour l’Environnement (Acting for the Environment) is an association of citizen mobilization working for a livable planet. The association puts pressure on politicians and economic decision-makers by leading campaigns bringing together a large network of associations and citizens. In order to keep intact its independence of action, the association refuses any funding from public authorities. Founded in 1997. Location: Paris, France.

Climate Action Network Europe


Climate Action Network Europe (CAN) is a leading environmental organization in Europe and envisions a world that actively strives to achieve global climate protection, while still promoting equity, social justice and sustainable development. The organization, which comprises of more than 170 member organizations, is present in over 38 European nations and represents over 47 million citizens. It mainly advocates for sustainable climate, as well as energy and development policies across Europe and beyond. Founded in 1989. Location: Bonn, Germany.

Climate Analytics


Climate Analytics brings cutting-edge science and policy analysis to bear on one of the most pressing global problems of our time – human-induced climate change. As the urgency of this problem has grown, the Climate Analytics team of about 100 counts 32 different nationalities working at offices in Togo, the U.S., Australia, and Germany, as well as in a diverse set of countries including the Bahamas, Nepal, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, and the U.K. Found in 2008. Location, Berlin, Germany.

Coalition Clean Baltic


Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) was established in Helsinki, Finland, when environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from the countries of the Baltic Sea Region became united to cooperate in activities concerning the Baltic Sea environment. Their main objective is to advocate for protection, preservation, and enhancement of the environment and natural resources of the Baltic Sea. Founded in 1990. Location: Uppsala, Sweden.



ECODES (Foundation for Ecology and Development) works towards sustainable and environmentally friendly development, to strengthen dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders in the implementation of actions and programs that promote sustainable development, and to enable social change. They provide ideas and solutions as well as critical commentary based on professional expertise. Their main areas of focus are social responsibility, climate change resulting from global warming, water management, reducing consumption and development cooperation. Founded in 1992. Location: Zaragoza, Spain.

European Cyclists’ Federation


Its slogan is, “Bicycling is the European way!”  Founded by just 12 bicycle user associations, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has grown to become the umbrella federation for all Europe’s cycling organizations. Its aim is to promote the use of bikes in urban centers as the main means of transport and to see cycle tourism recognized as a sustainable economic factor, as well as an environment-friendly mode of transport. Founded in 1983. Location: Brussels, Belgium.

European Environment Agency


The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union, whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment. The EEA aims to support sustainable development by helping to achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe’s environment, through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policymakers and the public. Founded in 1990. Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

European Environmental Bureau


European Environmental Bureau (EEB) is the largest environmental preservation organization in Europe. It is currently comprised of more than 160 member organizations, in over 35 countries.  They stand for sustainable development, environmental justice & participatory democracy. Founded in 1974. Location: Brussels, Belgium.

Forests and the European Union Resource Network


Forests and The European Union Resource Network (FERN) is a Dutch-based environmental organization that was formed with the sole aim of protecting the forests and the communities that depend on them. Founded in 1995. Location: Brussels, Belgium.

Friends of the Earth Europe


Friends of the Earth Europe is among the largest grassroots environmental organizations in Europe. It has united over 75 national organizations, over 5,000 of community-based groups, and more than 2 million global supporters. The organization envisions a natural, peaceful, and sustainable environment, where people, animals and nature, can all live in harmony. Founded in 1986. Location: Brussels, Belgium.

International Solar Energy Society


The members of The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) have undertaken product research that has helped the renewable energy industry to grow. ISES, through its knowledge-sharing and community-building programs, helps its global membership provide the technical answers to accelerate the transformation to 100% renewable energy. ISES envisions a world with 100% renewable energy for everyone, with resources used wisely and efficiently. Founded in 1954. Location: Freiburg, Germany.

Seas at Risk


Seas at Risk is one of the main environmental organizations in Europe tirelessly working to see a clean, non-polluted marine environment. Seas at Risk mainly focus on the North and Irish Sea waters, as well as those of the larger North-East Atlantic. Location: Brussels, Belgium.