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Building the World We Want by ClimateYou Editor Abby Luby

Last month, the North American Passive House Network held their sixth annual national conference, NAPHN19, in New York City. For five days, a wide range of professionals attended including scientists, architects, engineers, owners, labor groups, educators, policymakers, students and high-performance building enthusiasts. Over one hundred speakers and experts were at the

Hearing the Youth Climate Movement by ClimateYou Editor Abby Luby

Young people around the world from grade school to high school are sounding the alarm about the climate change crisis. Their voices have inspired a fast-growing youth climate movement. Honoring that movement is the unique exhibition Taking Action at the Climate Museum at Nolan Park on Governors Island


OUR TAKE: Let’s Capture Methane to Delay Climate Change

Climate science has got to be one of the most fascinating and exciting fields to be in today. MIT’s Technology Review has a story by James Temple about how methane traps 84 times more heat during the first two decades than carbon dioxide. Temple cites a new study

OUR TAKE: China’s Population Push Means A Bigger Carbon Footprint

This article in the New York Times doesn’t mention the climate. Yet it is very much a climate change story. Because of its one child policy, started in 1979 and lasting with some modifications until today, China faces a drop in population of 100 million people between 2020

Warmer Waters & Climate Change Means Bad Weather by ClimateYou Senior Editor George Ropes

Like most of Nature, the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is complicated.  Scientists are learning more about it, thanks to satellites, vessel-borne measurements, and high-tech buoys, but they don’t have a long historical record. They’ve determined that the AMOC is slowing down, sparking worry that climate change is