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Our Take: Oceanic Methane Hydrates, the Next Energy Source?

Oceanic methane hydrates — ever hear of them? They’re about to disrupt the global energy system in a potentially huge way. The resources are widespread, off many coasts. The race to commercialize them is on, with winners expected within five years. However, several factors stand in the way

Watch List for 2020 Climate News Stories by Senior ClimateYou Editor George Ropes

The Huffington Post reports what they consider the 5 Environmental News Stories To Watch In 2020. The Huffington Post certainly hits many of the biggest environmental stories that will dominate the headlines and the concerns of most Americans in 2020. Their list leads with a sleeper– air pollution, which hasn’t


OUR TAKE: Is There an End to Using Coal?

Reading a recent article in Newsfusion Energy News, it was really quite depressing to learn that the IEA expects coal demand to be stable for the next 4 years. Coal demand is falling in the US and EU, but is surging in SouthEast Asia, especially in India and

Cut CO2 or Face Apocalypse by ClimateYou Senior Editor George Ropes

An overly sensational title precedes a flawed analysis by Roger Pielke, a University of Colorado professor, just published by Forbes.com of the IPCC‘s (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ) role in stoking today’s near-universal concern over climate change. He ascribes a change in the IPCC’s 5th assessment (2013) from

Americans Need to Drive Less by ClimateYou Senior Editor George Ropes

This article by Michael Hobbes entitled “Democrats’ Baffling Blind Spot On Cars” posted on Huffington Post chastises Democrats for their  failure to address America’s biggest source of carbon emissions: driving automobiles. Hobbes calls the failure a blind spot, but it’s more like a third rail that all politicians,

Getting to Zero Has Consequences by ClimateYou Senior Editor George Ropes

This article by JASON HICKEL , “The Limits of Clean Energy” written for Foreign Policy discusses the requirements for various metals that the Green New Deal will need to be implemented. It’s a revelation. The transition from fossil fuels to renewables has benefits we’re all aware of, or

Amazon Wildfires Threaten Doomsday by ClimateYou Senior Editor George Ropes

This article by Sinéad Baker  published in the Business Insider presents a plausible scenario for a doomsday tipping point in which rising temperatures dry out the Amazon rain forest, making it more susceptible to wildfires. Most of the wildfires are set by loggers, farmers, and ranchers clearing the