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Dems Take On Fossil Fuels

Joe Biden last month announced a far-reaching plan to transform the US energy system from fossil fuels to clean energy sources like wind and solar. The plan drew much praise, but was criticized for not directly addressing the fossil fuel industry, the cause of the climate crisis. Now


Can US Regain EU Trust and Lead Climate Charge?

Katherine Butler details the broad erosion of European confidence in the US as an ally in a June 29, 2020 piece published by The Guardian under the title, “Europeans’ trust in US as world leader collapses during pandemic.” The collapse of Europeans’ trust in the US is a


A Very Good Question

ClimateYou recommends that you read this article from CleanTecnica in its entirety. It is attributed to its composite Contributing Editor. The piece asks: Why are we subsidizing fossil fuels? It then convincingly shows that from economic, public health, and environmental perspectives, we shouldn’t be propping up a dying


An End To Globalization?

Forbes posted a well-reasoned, persuasive article on Thursday, May 21, 2020, titled: “Face it, China-led Globalization is Coming to An End, ” by Senior Contributor Kenneth Rapoza. China-led globalization may be over, but it is most unlikely that globalization is. Supply chains will diversify, trade as a percentage


Joe Biden Should Adopt a Green Theme

This article by Liz Peek writing for The Hill leans pro-GOP, but its thesis is accurate: Joe needs a campaign theme. Here’s what it should be: ‘Turn America Green’, and as a follow-up, ‘Then the World’. Alternatively, ‘Recover from this crisis, Avert the next’. Or, how about, ‘We


Read this Article, Heed this Message

ClimateYou customarily cites articles that inform our readers about some aspect of climate change. We summarize, comment on, or critique them, and we always provide a link to the source article for those readers  who want to learn more. We are diverging from that practice today to post


Oil Will Rebound, But Not By Much or For Long

Haley Zaremba, writing for Oilprice.com, sketches a scenario whereby oil would once again be selling for $100 a barrel. Dream on.  All long-time oil industry watchers know is a boom-bust-boom cycle, so after the biggest bust in oil price history, of course you expect oil to bounce back to giddy,


An Open Letter to Joe Biden: Make Your Campaign about Sustainability

In a recent fundraising text, Joe Biden sought input on what values to emphasize in his campaign. My short answer is Sustainability. My long answer is below Dear Joe, The values your parents instilled in you when you were young were fine for then, but today’s threatened world


Climate Crisis: In Coronavirus Lockdown, Nature Bounces back – But For How Long?

This whole article by Patrick Wintour, Diplomatic Editor of The Guardian, seems parochial and premature. How does state competence against Covid-19 translate into leadership of the New World Order? The implications of a much weakened or non-existent EU and an irrelevant, hermetic US are hard to fathom. On

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Cascading Crises

Fareed Zakaria, commenting for CNN, makes a much-needed macro- analysis of current and impending global issues, but with one glaring oversight. His litany of cascading crises fails to mention the looming crisis that makes the coronavirus and economic crises facing us pale by comparison. The pandemic will pass

U.N. Postponing Climate Summit: Realistic or Overly Cautious

The U.N. is putting off the Climate Summit for a year that was to meet in November in Glasgow. Is this decision realistic given the depredations and ongoing risks of the Covid-19 pandemic? Or is it overly pessimistic? Overly cautious? Delaying the Summit gives countries another year to

Who Will Win the Oil Price War? by ClimateYou Senior Editor George Ropes

Yet again, a  discussion of the economic implications of events affecting the fossil fuel industry, here, the coronavirus epidemic and the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, ignores the newly dominant reality of a climate crisis. Sun and wind are now low-cost producers. Coal is already