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Our Take: Can China & America Mobilize Together to Stop Climate Change?

David E. Sanger credits Joe Biden with uncommon candor in his White House Memo in the March 28 issue of the New York Times.  Rarely does a world leader lay out the guiding challenge of his administration with such clarity as Biden did in his first press conference


Remembering John Topping

Here at ClimateYou, we are saddened by the passing of John Topping, a trail blazer and leader in the world of climate change. Topping was President of the Climate Institute based in Washington, DC since its founding in 1986 and served as President until his death in March,


Our Take: Protect Labor Rights, Protect our Climate and More

Dharna Noor, writing for earther.gizmodo.com, makes a compelling case why a piece of labor legislation that never mentions the weather or the climate is nevertheless a key component of the Green New Deal. I agree with her. Below I amplify and extend her arguments. Noor sees the Green New


America’s Four Great Migrations & the World They will Transform

The 4 Great Migrations, a column by Charles M. Blow in Feb. 23, 2021 issue of the New York Times is a fascinating and troubling delineation of four major migratory waves destined to wash over America in the next 50 years. Blow lists four environmental and demographic trends


Feeding India’s Hunger For Oil Could Doom Human Race

Oil conveys power and profits, so it’s in the interests of the US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UAE to align quietly to sell India the oil it needs and wants as a counterweight to a China seeking markets and influence in Asia. What’s striking about the informative


Deb Haaland Confirmation a Fight Over Fossil Fuels & Climate Future

The intentions of two GOP Senators, Steve Daines (R-Montana) and John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) to oppose President Biden’s nominee to head the Department of the Interior, Debra Haaland (D-New Mexicio) are chronicled by Chris D’Angelo in Huffpost on February 8, 2021. Their opposition is, quite simply, outrageous. Haaland, an


France Judged Guilty in Climate Case

For five years, climate activists have touted the 2015 Paris Agreement as a milestone in the commitment made by almost all the countries of the world to limit climate change. For the next five years we will point to the recent Paris judgement against the French state for its


Grow a Greener Grid

In August of 2003, a high-voltage power line in northern Ohio brushed against some overgrown trees setting off a series of line failures and overloads resulting in the largest blackout in the Northeast. For days 50 million people lost power, the outage saw 11 deaths and cost an


Coal is Dying, and So Are We

Coal is a dead man walking, but it’s taking too long to die. As the dirtiest of fossil fuels, coal is one of the main reasons why the climate is in crisis. The CO2 it emits is a major cause of global heating, and the carbon particulates from


The Urgency of Reprogramming Republicans

David Brooks, writing in the New York Times, argues persuasively that the Democratic Party must establish and maintain close contact with and direct effective policies toward the  millions of aggrieved, resentful, mostly white, rural, un-colleged, flown-over, Republicans drawn to and enthralled by the alternate realities and conspiracy theories President Trump


Dems Take On Fossil Fuels

Joe Biden last month announced a far-reaching plan to transform the US energy system from fossil fuels to clean energy sources like wind and solar. The plan drew much praise, but was criticized for not directly addressing the fossil fuel industry, the cause of the climate crisis. Now


Can US Regain EU Trust and Lead Climate Charge?

Katherine Butler details the broad erosion of European confidence in the US as an ally in a June 29, 2020 piece published by The Guardian under the title, “Europeans’ trust in US as world leader collapses during pandemic.” The collapse of Europeans’ trust in the US is a

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