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Our Take: What’ll it take for Americans to get Action on Climate?

Oliver Milman, writing for today’s July 12, 2021 The Guardian, reports on a new study that found President Biden’s climate plan would reap almost twice the monetary benefits of the plan’s cost, while saving thousands of lives. Those findings should be the topper, the deal clincher. Yet will


Lower Births & the Need to Adopt a New Paradigm: Sustainability.

How the demographic transition interacts with the climate crisis is complex and murky. Little research has been done on the topic, and the demographic data are very macro. Most evidence is anecdotal. In Laura Spinney’s  article “Why declining birth rates are good news for life on Earth”  she


Activists Take Heart. Big Oil is on Death Row

First it was Big Tobacco who had to pay the piper. Now it’s Big Oil’s turn. They lied and misled the public for years, while knowing the harm their products were causing to people, the climate, and the environment. Lawsuits in state and federal courts have forced disclosure of


Let’s not blow our last chance

Biden’s bet that Washington can work is very dicey. Climate can’t be compromised. We’ve run out of time, squandered all our chances over the last three decades to deal with carbon emissions leisurely.  A long, slow transition to clean energy is no longer possible without incurring more heatwaves,


Front and Center: President Biden’s Climate Plan

President Biden is putting climate change front and center in his administration. During the 2020 presidential campaign, candidate Joe Biden proposed a less-ambitious 4-year, $2tn climate plan. After his election, President Biden formed six teams to develop policy positions and proposals. He named Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders,

Jim Hansen, Climate Alarm

Jim Hansen is the leading scientist of the climate crisis. A long-time NASA researcher, his home field is radiation science. Since climate change is at heart a perturbation of Earth’s energy balance, the science of radiation is key to understanding and projecting the effects of increasing greenhouse gases


Hope for COP26: Increasing Ambition

The 26th Conference of the Parties to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was postponed for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is now scheduled for November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. This COP will be a critical step towards the Global Stocktake, a


Our Take: Climate Activist Greta Thunberg ‘Connects the Dots.’

In a video released May 2021, Our Relationship to Nature is Broken, Greta Thunberg, a vegan, extends her climate-change message to focus on food production. At present, she says, 83 percent of agricultural land is devoted to the raising of livestock, while animals provide only 18 percent of


Our Take: Al Gore at 73: Climate Statesman

The crisis has continued to worsen much faster than we have been implementing solutions,” said Al Gore, near the start of a wide-ranging interview he gave on Earth Day, 2021. The climate crisis is “an existential threat to the future of human civilization.” He was speaking with journalist


Our Take: Getting to Net Zero

The global energy transition needs to happen fast, but the consequences for countries dependent on oil exports for much of their revenue would be catastrophic.  Big rich countries like Saudi Arabia can diversify. They’re building a big plant to make green hydrogen. Russia too has a large, diversified

Nuclear Energy – Where Are We Today?

Nuclear energy has long been touted as the ultimate fuel source, limitless and emission-free. However, the term nuclear energy conflates two very different processes and technologies: fission and fusion. For anyone interested in or concerned about the climate, getting acquainted with the facts, pros, cons, and issues surrounding


The Week the Climate Crisis Came of Age

Last week was an eventful one for the climate, an important one. Not because carbon emissions were slashed, nor because someone invented a cheap way to remove vast quantities of greenhouse gases from the air. Not even because of Ana, the first named tropical storm of the Atlantic