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The U.S. is on board

Secretary of State Clinton’s OpEd piece in today’s New York Times lets us reflect how far we have come toward a national commitment to limit

Four sides to every story

Stewart Brand, writing in the New York Times, dissects those warning of or scoffing at climate change. He distinguishes alarmists and skeptics, denialists and calamatists.

An affordable truth

Wonder of wonders, Paul Krugman of the New York Times is optimistic about Copenhagen. What’s more, he calls cutting greenhouse gases (GHGs) both affordable and

Betting on Copenhagen

I’m glad someone at the New York Times has a good sense of humor about the potentially disastrous warming of Earth’s climate and the impending

Going Cheney on climate

Ex-Vice President Cheney believed in the one percent solution — aggressively responding to low-probability, high-impact events such as terrorist attacks as if they were certainties.

The Endangerment Finding

This New York Times editorial on the EPA’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gas emissions focuses on the rulilng’s domestic implications. The House has passed legislation

That Climate Change Email

To this editorial from the New York Times, we here at ClimateYou.org simply say, “Amen.” The Brits (the theft occurred in the UK) would put

Bill Clinton to cities: Act on climate

Bill Clinton urged the mayors attending the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit in Seoul to take the lead in fighting climate change.  Don’t wait for