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New U.N. climate change group is all male

Big issues at Copenhagen were which poor nations would get how much money to mitigate the impact of climate change they didn’t cause. The composition

Climate goal is supported by China and India

Yesterday both China and India signed the nonbinding agreement produced at Copenhagen. The two countries are the last major greenhouse gas emitters to accept theseĀ 

New federal climate agency forming

The Obama administration will form an agency to study and report on climate change. The new Climate Service will work with the National Weather and

The case for a climate bill

The New York TImes laid out The Case for a Climate Bill in a Jan. 24 editorial, disputing claims that health care will exhaust the

Better than nothing

The title of this Copenhagen retrospective at Economist.com says it all, although many would disagree with the judgement. The accord sets no targets, and requires

The Copenhagen that matters

Tom Friedman of the New York Times calls Copenhagen a ‘bust’ in this OpEd piece, which really compares the governance of Denmark and the US.

Acting alone on climate change

Philip Bowring argues in this OpEd New York Times piece that only unilateral action, not horse-trading, will induce countries to cut their emissions. Only the

Copenhagen’s surprising gain for

This Copenhagen assessment at CNN.com is by Lisa Margonelli of the New America Foundation. She sees the 3-page ‘Copenhagen Accord’ as a futuristic document personally

Where the action on climate is

This New York Times editorial urges Congress to set national policy that puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions, or failing that, to build on