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Everybody wins

This New York Times editorial applauds President Obama’s announcement yesterday of new, 30% higher fuel economy standards. The Times calls it a win-win-win: less dependence on

Obama oil drilling plan draws critics

President Obama’s plan, announced two days ago, to permit drilling for oil and gas in large areas of the Atlantic and Artic oceans, as well

E.P.A. delays plants’ pollution permits

The E.P.A. announced that it would not begin phasing in until next January a controverial requirement that power plants obtain permits to emit greenhouse gases.

Greenpeace takes aim at Koch Industries

Ever wonder who finances all those climate skeptics? A report just issued by Greenpeace, the activist environmental group, says it is Koch Industries. Who? Koch

New U.N. climate change group is all male

Big issues at Copenhagen were which poor nations would get how much money to mitigate the impact of climate change they didn’t cause. The composition

Climate goal is supported by China and India

Yesterday both China and India signed the nonbinding agreement produced at Copenhagen. The two countries are the last major greenhouse gas emitters to accept these 

New federal climate agency forming

The Obama administration will form an agency to study and report on climate change. The new Climate Service will work with the National Weather and

The case for a climate bill

The New York TImes laid out The Case for a Climate Bill in a Jan. 24 editorial, disputing claims that health care will exhaust the