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Filthy lucre fouls the air

As predicted, Copenhagen is boiling down to money.  Who pays, how much, and to whom.  Presently, a week into the conference, there’s a lot of

New I.R.S. incentives, from cold to hot

Looking for some last minute tax deductions before the April 15th filing deadline?  This week’s The Green Home from the New York Times looks at

Time to say bye to washers of old?

For those of you wanting to reduce your carbon footprint at home, here’s detailed advice on whether and how to replace your old washing machine.

Study forecasts 297,000 green jobs

One sees a lot of estimates these days as to how many “green jobs” will be generated in the U.S. by a shift away from

The recession’s green lining

Despite the hardships we all face in the wake of the economic recession, these tough financial times are providing benefits to the environment in the

Recycling gadgets when they go pffft…

Dead cellphone? Old computer? Broken television?  Looking to get rid of these technologies once their time has expired? In this weeks The Green Home, a

Car crashes to please mother nature

Searching for another example of how people are responding to the climate crisis and starting to go green? Here’s a hint, a remote might help.