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Why all the buzz behind Cleantech’s latest IPO?

SolarCity, a California-based solar energy company, is hoping to revolutionize the renewable energy industry, which has been suffering from difficult financial times as of late.

Is Chicago a new cleantech hub?

Chicago is quickly becoming one of the leading cities in cleantech technology research.  Argonne National Laboratory, just ouside the city, was recently selected to host

The irrigation juggernaut

Two Columbia University scientists have mapped irrigation over time. Between 1901 and 2002, irrigated land has jumped five-fold, helping to feed today’s six billion people.

Selling agriculture 2.0 to Silicon Valley

Venture capitalists invested billions in Silicon Valley’s technology firms. Their next big thing is sustainable agriculture. More and more are aware that conventional agriculture wastes

Wanted: Green engineers

This article by Oliver Morton in The Economist stresses the human element of curbing greenhouse gas emissions.   Although technological breakthroughs will occur, and be