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How Fashion Impacts Climate Change

Climate change affects almost every academic major because it has to do with our environmental surroundings. As a fashion major the climate is a very


Military Funds Targeted for Climate Change

A recent article by Kristin Houser tells of a newly signed $716  billion military bill that targets funds for climate change preparation.  The John S. McChttps://futurism.com/military-spending-climate-change/ain


NYC Hotels Take up the Carbon Challenge

The Associated Press reported today that over a dozen famous hotels in  New York City have pledged to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 30

Eco-Tourism? Or Final Pilgrimages?

In the June, 2015 issue of Traveler magazine, a beautifully written article by Kevin West reveals a growing trend in travelogues. His article, “Getting Warmer,”

Why all the buzz behind Cleantech’s latest IPO?

SolarCity, a California-based solar energy company, is hoping to revolutionize the renewable energy industry, which has been suffering from difficult financial times as of late.