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Dengue fever spreading in Asia

The number of dengue fever cases is on the rise. Indonesia and Thailand lead the ranks in Asia. Due in part to what Friedman would

The Urgent Islands

In this editorial, the New York Times paraphrases the old saw, ‘If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?’, asking, ‘If a

Overcome by heat and inertia

Temperature records continue to fall across the country.  In Washington D.C., which experienced it’s warmest June on record, Senators are picking up the debate on

Indoor living and the global greenhouse

Here’s a novel approach to reducing man’s energy footprint and thereby limiting climate warming. Let’s hope, however, that Mumbai isn’t air conditioned anytime soon.

A mammoth effect

There is general agreement among scientists that man has a role in global warming.  This impact began, if the research reported here is correct, not