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Yikes Bike

Yikes Bike Click on the above link for a video of an innovative design for urban transportation, a folding, portable bicycle.  For more info, go to

Size matters

We’ve all heard about energy efficient appliances, and we may even have some at home.  Now California wants to bring the concept to TVs, and

6 simple ways to save energy at home

Winter’s coming, it’s getting cold, and heating oil remains expensive. What to do to save money and energy at home? This article gives some simple

How do I make my aquarium eco-friendly?

What color are goldfish? This article from Slate’s The Green Lantern says they’re green, and only have a few catches! Buy smart, and enjoy

Weddings go green

With June, the traditional bridal month, fast approaching, ClimateYou is pleased to provide some examples and some tips for a green wedding, courtesy of the

Report warns against Coral Triangle collapse

Rising seas and warmer, more acidic oceans threaten the Coral Triangle surrounding southeast Asia. If the coral around Indonesia, the Phiippines, and Malaysia is detroyed,

Can biochar save the planet?

We here at ClimateYou aren’t farmers or agronomists, so we present this article from CNN without comment. Biochar sounds too good to be true, so

A lawn as healthy as it looks

With spring in the air, this week’s Green Home in the New York Times takes a look at ways that will allow you to have