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Global weirding is here

Thomas Friedman writes in the New York Times on “global weirding”, which happens when climates change. Extreme weather events become more common. He wants the

Around the redwoods, the fog Is dissipating

Researchers have found that coastal summer fogs in central California have decreased by about a third since the early 20th century. They don’t attribute the

Fjords contribute to melting of glaciers

Greenland’s glaciers are melting, contributing to a rise in sea levels. What’s more, they are melting faster than before, according to two studies just published.

Study finds a tree growth spurt

Teens have growth spurts, and so apparently do trees. Scientists who studied stands of trees in Maryland found they were growing two to four times

Feeling that cold? Here’s why.

As you shiver through one of the coldest and windiest winters in years, both in the US and Europe, you might think that global warming

Beyond Hades

Some scientists are asking what the Earth’s climate was like before it became the Earth.¬† Don’t laugh; they may seem to have too much time

Environmental refugees unable to return home

This New York Times article raises the specter of a new climate change phenomenon: chronic disasters composed of environmental refugees too poor to migrate, and

Be a green Santa with these holiday gifts

Need some last-minute gifts, and you want them to be green? Here are a few environment-friendly ideas. These gifts cater to all budgets; some will