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When the day after tomorrow has come

Geoengineering is the application of engineering on a global scale. Some want to use it to cool a warming climate, removing carbon from the atmosphere,

Genetically engineered distortions

This New York TImes article is about mitigation. Genetically engineered crops face fierce opposition, yet have done a lot of good, and could do much

Climate change: Four futures

Here’s a novel way of looking at the future that doesn’t just apply to climate change. The four generic futures are (1) Continuation, (2) Collapse,

Study says U.S. waterways are warming

The first major analysis of streams and rivers in the U.S., has found that 20 major rivers are warming at 0.02-0.14 degrees per year. Urban

Koch Industries responds to Greenpeace

Koch Industries has responded to Greenpeace’s charge that it sponsors much climate skeptic research. It says that Greenpeace mischaracterized its efforts to advance economic freedom

E.P.A. to seek more data on emissions

The E.P.A. has proposed adding the oil and gas industries to the 31 which already report their CO2 and methane emissions to the government. Reporting