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Heat damages Colombia coffee, raising prices

Yields of Colombian coffee have dropped due to warmer temperatures, unpredictable rains, and more pests. In 2006, Colombia produced 12 million 132-pound bags of coffee;

WeatherBil​l raises $42 million

A start-up named Weather Bill insures farmers against extreme weather. Founded by ex-Google employees, the company runs computer simulations to predict the chances of extreme

Flooding around the world

In addition to the floods in Australia, other parts of the global are experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding. Here is an article summarizing them all,

Flooding in Australia

Record breaking rainfall has caused severe flooding in Queensland, Australia. To date, 19 people have been killed, the flood waters have damaged many homes and businesses, 

Extreme weather helps drive up food prices

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says that food prices hit a record high in December. Extreme weather, probably linked to global warming, is