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Our Take: We Need a World Climate Authority

This ClimateYou post is written in reaction to the informative article in Smithsonian Magazine posted on August 4, 2021 titled: “Just 5 Percent of Power


Can the G7 & China Save Our Home?

The G7 agreed a few days ago to launch an infrastructure plan proposed by President Biden to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Italian Prime


Our Take: Getting to Net Zero

The global energy transition needs to happen fast, but the consequences for countries dependent on oil exports for much of their revenue would be catastrophic. 


Embers of Australian Wildfires 2019-2020

Embers of Australian Wildfires 2019-2020 Bushfire! An extreme weather event climate-impacted.  An apocalypse of raging red flames and dark inferno of wind-whipped smoke burning out-of-control,