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Waking Up to Climate Change

Five Dimensions of the Crisis and What We Can Do About It

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Waking Up to Climate Change

“This is the book people who care about our climate have been waiting for. WIthout diminishing the challenges ahead, George Ropes weaves a coherent picture of real action and genuine progress that will inspire hope while calling readers to action.”

Tom Bowman
Author of What if Solving the Climate Crisis is Simple?

“In case you haven’t noticed, climate change is already here, affecting most everything in your life. This book, collected from the writings of George Ropes on the ClimateYou.org website from 2015 to 2022, provides as clear a presentation as one can find of the causes of climate change – not only physical”

Dr. David Rind
Climate Scientist
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies Emeritus

“Waking Up to Climate Change is highly accessible. It clearly presents the undeniable realities, threats, and challenges of climate change but also presents the new opportunities for innovative and creative solutions that are necessary for global survival and sustainable development.”

Prof. Reginald A. Blake
Dean of Curriculum and Research
NYC College of Technology, CUNY

“This book is a compelling synthesis to galvanise urgent action on the climate crisis. It is a key resource and guide for accelerated action.”

Janet Bolitho
Port Phillip Emergency Climate Action Network
Victoria, Australia

“…I can imagine readers coming away after having read Waking Up to Climate Change with a greater appreciation of both the difficulties and especially the multiple solutions – both current and nascent – that can be enacted both nationally and internationally to collectively embrace a more just and environmentally healthy way of being.” 

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Devora Neumark, Ph.D.
Yale School of Public Health-certified Climate Change Adaptation Practitioner

“A Must Read! Essential to all who seek the universal scope of climate change”

Abby Luby
Senior Editor and ClimateYou.org Contributor

Waking Up to Climate Change

For 15 years, author George Ropes has followed the unfolding story of climate change for the timely website ClimateYou.org. Along the way, he has covered myriad individual research studies, innovations, catastrophes, and signs of progress, from the resurgence of sustainable communities to lessons learned from the Australian wildfires. This enlightening book presents a selection of these key writings to describe the multi-faceted ways that climate change affects:

  • Energy
  • Weather and climate
  • People and nature
  • Laws and leaders
  • Finance


Waking Up to Climate Change provides fascinating insights across these broad dimensions. It charts the timeline of our gradually increasing understanding of the climate change issue, explains basic processes, and highlights innovative solutions. It covers up-to-date events such as the recent landmark climate legislation in the United States, Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, and drought and heat-induced wildfires in many parts of the globe. This book illuminates how climate change affects everyone and everything, and how we can all act decisively now.


This book is for general readers, as well as advocates, scientists, and stakeholders — all those interested in better understanding the climate crisis, its accelerating timeline, ways it affects every aspect of our lives, and possibilities for individual and group action.


Introduction: Waking Up to Climate Change


Weather and climate

Consequences for Nature and People

Laws and Leaders


Conclusion: Now What?

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