Pon tu granito de arena en el clima de tus niños/
Focus on the climate your children will inherit

  • Walk and bike more, drive less
  • Work from home if you can
  • Meet virtually more, fly and commute less
  • Combine shopping trips, errands, deliveries, and pickups
  • Remote-Learn more, attend classes less
  • Think about ditching your SUV for an electric or hybrid car
  • Switch bulbs to LEDs to save money and electricity
  • Turn out lights when leaving a room
  • Set thermostat a few degrees lower in winter, higher in summer
  • Consider solar panels or a geothermal pump
  • Upgrade your windows to cut down drafts and heat loss
  • Use power strips to turn TVs on and off
  • Buy less plastic, especially single-use items
  • Take cloth totes when you shop
  • Drink more water, less cow’s milk
  • Eat more grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits, less red meat
  • Microwave more, cook in gas oven less
  • Go all-electric for kitchens
  • Run dishwasher only for full loads
  • Turn water-heater temperature down
  • Buy fewer, sturdier (gently used) clothes and wear them longer
  • Learn to mend
  • Wash fewer, fuller, cooler loads in washing machine
  • Dry clothes outside if you can
  • Vote for climate-aware local, state, and national candidates
  • Call/Write/Email your Senators and Representatives to support climate policies
  • Share concerns about climate change with family, friends, and neighbors
  • Form or join a local activist group advocating for climate action

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