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About Us

ClimateYou.org is an activity of the ClimateYou Alliance, a public charity whose mission is to engage with the public about all aspects of climate change.

ClimateYou.org explores the complex climate system that envelops us, the causes of climate change, and the measures needed to mitigate and adapt to it. ClimateYou.org seeks to empower people of all ages to act to ensure that the Earth remains a hospitable and sustainable environment for humans and all forms of life.


As a major part of its mission, ClimateYou Alliance partners with educational
institutions, such as the NYC College of Technology, a branch of the City University of
New York. It works with college students and their professors on developing awareness of the many dimensions of climate change and the research and writing skills involved in understanding them.

The website provides a lively and widely accessible place for posting writing by the students in the program, as well as by senior staff and guest writers.

Our focus is to share with you all aspects of global climate change


Abby Luby
Senior Editor and CY Contributor

Abby Luby is an environmental journalist, food and arts writer, and educator, whose work has appeared in The New York Daily News, SolveClimateNews, and Edible Hudson Valley. An experienced writing teacher, she now focuses on helping students to communicate about climate change.

George Ropes
(1944-2022) Senior Editor and CY Contributor

A former international relief and development worker, George Ropes lived and worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. He was especially interested in how climate change affects the health and food security of people living in the developing world.

Lisa Fine
Head of Outreach and Engagement

This website is dedicated to Dr. George H. Ropes, a math educator who lived in Westchester County, New York. He created one of the first interactive software programs in 1990 to teach students about climate change. He would applaud the efforts of ClimateYou.org to link people of all ages from around the world to explore, learn about, and communicate the many ways that a changing climate impacts life today — and what we can do about it.

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