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My Take on Climate Change 

Change is inevitable. It’s something that happens throughout the course of life, and as humans, we tend to adapt to the change or resist it. Climate change is in between. We know climate change is a scary thing, and a lot of us are taking action to reverse the effects of this change while others don’t pay attention to the damage it is causing here on Earth. I am aware of climate change on a surface level, which includes my ability to speak to others about it. I am not fully educated on it compared to most, but I am always willing to learn more about the ways we can mitigate climate change and create more sustainable living for everyone.  

 It can be very scary to think, that our everyday actions such as driving a car, not recycling, and smoking (to name a few) are such a driving force for the state of the world today. I am aware that to make a great change, we can find ways as a people to create a better way of living. These changes can include eating differently, taking public transportation, recycling, creating cleaner environments, etc. I do believe that for this to become something that everyone does, we all need to be on one accord about the fact that climate change is destroying the Earth. Living in New York City, I see single-hand and may contribute to the continuation of climate change with my everyday actions. While I do walk and take public transportation I sometimes drive. It can be difficult to get everyone in a city, state, country, or nation to think alike and come together to make a big change.  

As I mentioned previously, my knowledge of climate change is surface level, but I am a witness to its effects; blackouts, harsh weather, food insecurity, etc. With what I do know, I can begin to be the change in my family and community to help mitigate or reverse the effects of climate change.  

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