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My Take On Climate Change

Since the industrial revolution, the global climate has changed dramatically. Temperatures are rising, sea levels are rising, and the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic is melting. Due to climate change, various extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc. It can be said that climate change has had a strong impact on our human survival. And this impact will continue in the future. In my view, climate change is inevitable. With the development of science, technology and the progress of industry climate change is one of the costs of our human progress. Not to mention some illegal carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the emissions of various chemical gases and waste materials. It also has a great impact on the natural ecology of the earth.

However, this does not mean we can let it develop naturally. Paying attention to climate change and improving the ecological environment are very important now. If extreme climate change is allowed to continue, our ecosystems will be greatly harmed in the future. Therefore, protecting the ecological environment is something humans must do. As for the solution, I have the following opinions. First, we can carry out a large number of planting activities including a large number of trees. There are many benefits to doing this, such as increasing oxygen levels to neutralize large amounts of carbon dioxide, and the trees themselves have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide. Moreover, planting trees can also reduce the degree of desertification on the earth, make the land more fertile, and reduce the occurrence of extreme temperatures and weather regionally.

The second is to organize industrial emissions scientifically and rationally. We need new laws and regulations and a more stringent review system. There is also a more scientific and reliable emission method. This is to ensure that enterprises and organizations can conduct industrial emissions reasonably and reduce pollution. Although it cannot solve climate change, it can effectively slow down the rate of change and give us more time to control temperature changes. Third, develop renewable energy. For example, water, electricity, air energy, solar energy, bioenergy, etc. To reduce carbon emissions, increase air quality and protect the environment. There are still many methods left, such as pollution control, resource recycling and many other methods waiting for us to implement.

Climate change is a very serious issue. Not just for the present, but also for the future, and for the planet we live on. While human beings are making progress, we must not forget to protect our homeland.


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