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How does Climate Change Affect Our World?

If you can recall from ‘My Take On Climate Change’ essay, I spoke about all the causes and examples of climate change and my general opinion on such matters. I spoke about a scenario at the beginning on how climate change is affecting our world right now such as year round delayed weather. So if I can go deeper on how bad everything can get, then climate change at some point in the future can really begin to affect our livelihoods. How? It can eventually affect everything that we do on this planet. It can affect agricultural, industries and tourism, and people such as farmers, city dwellers and the poor.

What can we expect to see in the near and far future if climate change as we know it today continues? How will it affect society basically?

Well we could expect to see a change in mild “pleasant” weather and how it occurs on the planet. It’s weather that’s not too hot, or not cold and not too humid or rainy. There can be a loss of milder days in tropical areas like those in South America, Africa, and some parts in Asia. That can also work with opposite affects in the northern hemisphere where we can see less snow in the tundras and mountains and the north and south poles can go completely ice-free. With this, we can just get more rain and the weather and environment on our planet can just get extremely hot all thanks to global warming. We can see an official stop to winter.

In civilization, with too much extreme changes in weather patterns, this could be really bad for farming and agriculture as growing seasons can occur a lot longer with spring and the warmer weather occurring a lot earlier than it should. Farming businesses aren’t going to meet deadlines for harvesting crops or the crops may just grow spoiled. Tourism I think may begin to dwindle and traveling in general may become more obsolete.  There may even be fewer planes and commercial traveling if things get really bad for the atmosphere. For the poor, I mainly think about third world countries and how they will suffer. Especially for places in Africa, India, and the Middle East. People and children, including the ones with poor health conditions can die if the temperature is too extreme for them. There can be very little to no access to water on hot dry lands since droughts will be a lot more common.

As for everyone else up the social ladder, people are eventually going to have no access to cooler areas which will be in demand since air conditioning will soon fail and malfunction because AC units cannot take the extreme hot temperatures. Portable coolers may be an alternative. I believe more fires can occur in cities as certain areas that use way too much electricity can burst into flames. The night time is no different as we may experience warmer nights. Light pollution of course. Industries are just contributing to this mess. Industrial areas can cause greenhouse gas emissions and this is how the air gets more polluted and manipulated.

image: https://www.undp.org/cambodia/publications/modelling-climate-change-impacts-growth

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  1. The amount of effects global warming has on humanity are much more catastrophic than anyone thinks. Listed in this blog are just a handful of what’s to come because of how global warming effects the entire world. These effects would also be long lasting and at the height of reaching this point, there would be no turning back as the damages are already too severe for us to try to even reverse many of them. Humanity now seems to be doing very little action to slowing down the progress towards these impacts and the amount we’re doing seems to currently have no effect as of now. Countries need to start developing more plans and changes to combat carbon emissions harder to avoid these severe consequences that’ll happen to us in the future.

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