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Negative Effects of Climate Change

What is climate change? In simple terms climate change is the long term effects of the earth’s weather patterns, its increase in temperature, and the breakdown in the ozone layer. The debate on whether climate change is real or not stems from the extreme release of greenhouse gasses that originate from carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial productions. In climate change fossil fuels can consist of coal, which is a significant source used for energy in electricity generation, oil/petroleum, which is modified to be used in gasoline and transportation and lastly natural gas, which is mainly used in heating(stoves) and as fuel for vehicles.

Greenhouse gasses are gasses that can trap and hold heat in the earth’s atmosphere; because all of these activities happen at the same time they are slowly breaking down the earth’s ozone layer. The earth’s ozone layer is important for human health because it protects not only animals, but us humans from ultraviolet rays, which are produced from the sun and could be harmful to humans and it keeps the earth’s climate balanced, the earths climate controls the weather. Climate change at the end of the day is bad because it is essentially killing the earth.

With that being said, we can fight it by multiple ways by going all electric with cars, using bikes, using solar panels on houses and essentially using less fossil fuels


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