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My Take on Climate Change 

Since the 19th century, human science and technology has developed rapidly. And now the cost is emerging, and that is climate change. It manifests in many ways; we have all seen more extreme weather and disasters in recent years compared to a decade ago. Narrowing it down, the summer weather is getting hotter and it rarely snows during the winter. The main factors are burning fossil fuel, deforestation, and graziery. Climate change will affect the entire earth system. Several natural phenomena have already warned us, so we know if we don’t do something we will destroy ourselves. That is why we have The Paris Agreement, 196 nations came together to achieve the same goal, “to hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.”

But as the “lighthouse state”, the US is the first and the only one who withdrew from the agreement in 2017  under the United States president Donald Trump (in  2021  President Biden rejoined the agreement). If we don’t take the Paris Agreement seriously then no other country can lead the world to do so. It is therefore essential to strengthen climate change awareness and education for sustainable development, as well as to raise the profile of relevant media and social organizations. To respond to climate change doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be a noble concept between nations, it should be an awareness in everyone’s mind. We have our choice to select a greener way and a greener world. As a community with a shared future, mankind should forge ahead. 








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