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My Take On Climate Change

During my life, many loved ones, friends and colleagues have discussed environmental and climate issues with me. I have read many sources online and followed the suggestions of the city (of New York). My household recycles and composts. I have also heard from sources online that these measures might be meaningless. While both sides on the climate change issue have been passionately expressed and both have rhetorically presented their arguments, I am more concerned with the scientific understanding of these issues.

So far in class (PHYS 1002 ID – The Physics of Natural Disasters) I have learned that weather is the short-term state of the atmosphere, while climate is the long-term state and measurements of patterns of the conditions of the atmosphere.  I am very much in favor of classes of this nature because they provide a  structured, reputable and organized layout of the scientific knowledge that we have on the weather and climate. This approach to an issue as important as the climate is important because it is only through a scientific understanding of problems and our positive actions that we can fix said problems or amplify the positive impacts that we have discovered.

The various scientific models are very important and without them, the rhetorical or activist based climate information would just be a philosophical, passionate project.

image: https://science2017.globalchange.gov/chapter/4/https://science2017.globalchange.gov/chapter/4/

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