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My Take on Climate Change

Climate Change is largely discussed in today’s era, with countries doing everything they can to stop the increase of climate change, whether that’s using less plastic, reducing carbon emissions or resorting to solar energy. Despite everything that’s happening to prevent catastrophic events and aftermath in the future, climate change is still something you can see year-round. Ever wonder where all the snow days have gone? Or the temperature during the winter feeling like it’s Spring? One of the more easily visible signs of global warning and climate change is based on the weather and temperature throughout the year. Especially around the winter months, it’s seen slightly warmer temperatures with less snow days as well. This alone is just one reason for me to believe that there is a change of climate around the world. A lack of winter weather during the holiday season is also concerning, thinking back about a decade ago when we’d be having snow days and storms more often. In today’s era, snowstorms are scarce and not as frequent as in previous years.  Perhaps this could be an effect of climate change as well. The amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere increase global temperatures may be a factor of the decreasing amounts of snow we’ve received during the winter. As the years start to go by and we experience more winters, we’ll continue seeing drastic changes in the season if climate change continues impacting the weather for that specific season. Overall, this is my current view of climate change.


image: https://capeweather.com/climate-change-means-warmer-winters-but-not-the-end-of-snowstorms-yale-climate-connections/


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