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My Take on Climate Change By City Tech Blogger Nusrath Chowdhury

The world’s climate is now seriously threatened by climate change. Stopping climate change has not yet become impossible. It is still possible to lessen its effects. Because of the disproportionately high level of carbon emissions during the past ten years, climate change has gotten worse in my opinion. The devastating bushfires in 2020 in Australia and California, the most recent Texas winter storm in 2021, the destructive flood in Pakistan, all show how things have gotten worse. According to NASA Global Climate Change, sea levels are rising by 3.3 mm annually, and between 1990 and 2022, we lost 450 million hectares of forest. (“Deforestation Has Slowed down but Still Remains a Concern, New UN Report Reveals”).

Although we took some fantastic initiatives, and the younger generation is stepping up to protect their future from the effects of climate change, I think we have wasted a lot of opportunities to slow down the effects of the climate change. Greta Thunberg began taking action for climate preservation at the age of 15, and she is currently one of the most well-known activists who is working with organizations like the UN to raise awareness of the need to protect our environment and bring about legislative change.

I applaud President Biden’s administration for returning to Paris agreement and his goal of U.S going 100% for a clean energy economy, net zero emission by 2050 (“Plan for Climate Change and Environmental Justice | Joe Biden”). But for this initiative to work effectively, it requires support from all over the United States. No matter what political value people believe in we need to fight climate change. I believe that the biggest challenge to achieve President Biden’s target would be politics and a big lobbying group. I would like to emphasize that Citizens should start supporting the “green new deal” if they want to transform their country towards a better future.


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