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Unbearable Heat Waves by City Tech Blogger Andray Whyte

Summer is hotter, winter is warmer. The world as we know it is getting hotter and hotter as the years go by. Global warming is affecting our world in a negative slope. It is affecting our lives and animals’ lives. Across the glob countries are constantly breaking records for hottest summer or warmest winter. The increase in heatwaves is reaching an unbearable state which is hard to adapt to.

What are the main variable that affects the increase in abnormal temperature. Well, that would be greenhouse gas emissions. On the website c2es.org it stated that daily high and low temperatures will increase by at least 5 degrees Farenheit  in most areas by mid-century. Over time, that can have a serious impact on the world and on the way we live. It has a high impact on plants and agriculture. With high temperatures, water dries up, quickly leaving a very arid region where it should be lush and green.  Reduction of our agriculture puts a strain on  food supplies for the community. Animals are also affected by the intense temperature. Birds are reportedly dying in high numbers due to the heat. An article on audobon.org stated that many birds ended up with broken bones and burnt feet from the heat on the road. Also, chronic heat stress can lead to nesting failures. Not only birds but other farm animals are dying and suffering from the heat. The heat is making it difficult for the animals to breath.

According to weather.gov a heatwave wave is a period of abnormally hot weather generally lasting more than two days. On a typical summer day, it can be hot ranging from 66.5 degrees Farenheit.  According to data collected from currentresult.com ,  a heat wave can raise temperatures to  99 Farenheit which can scorch the streets of New York.  At that point the state sends out a warning letting citizens know to be wary of the weather conditions because it can be dangerous. Information from theguardian revealed that 370 heat-related deaths happen in New York each year. An intense heat wave can be detrimental on the human body causing health issues that can be minor or fatal depending on the situation. Standing in high temperature can cause heat stress that can lead to heat stroke. It can also lead to respiratory problems making it difficult to breath. In these extreme events it can affect our lives indirectly. High, extreme temperature can cause some extensive damages to our infrastructure such as roads, bridges, power lines. Airport runways are a big deal when it comes to heat. Most runways are made out of asphalt which is highly sensitive to heat and makes the asphalt soften, hence making the runway bumpy for takeoff and landing. Roadways that use concrete, expansion of that material is caused by the heat which causes cracks and bumps in its infrastructure according to The Washington Post.

In all these situations it’s important to figure out what can be done. As of so far, we have a few ways to help with the issues. Communities should provide more pond water to birds so they can cool their bodies. Keep pets inside and provide less exercise. Invest in technology that can give accurate analysis of the state of crops. Provide necessary overhead netting to reduce direct sunlight to crops and fertilizer plants with manure when necessary. And as for us we can be more prepared for the heat by looking at the weather predictions. Ensure that you have a water bottle on you when outside and avoid working out in the heat.

Overall, we as inhabitants of this planet must find the ultimate solution which is to have zero greenhouse emissions. Eventually over time we can have back our normal temperatures in the summer and cooler temperatures in the winter and then our animals will be able to survive in their natural habitat.

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