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Student Leaders Key to Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Grzegorz Chrzan

Climate change is a major issue and concern as of today. One of the key aspects of climate change is climate change education. Therefore, students who are in higher education could be key factors in slowing down climate change. Students could be lead advocates for climate change reform and climate change education.

One of the main ways students can help with climate change is first starting with themselves and changing their own behaviors to help lead and role model for both younger and older generations. Some of these major behaviors would involve reducing one’s carbon footprint on the planet. Some main ways students could reduce their carbon footprint are by walking or biking places or even carpooling. Reducing the emissions of CO2 which contribute to climate change and could potentially save money for students. Another great way students can help the environment is by not buying plastic water bottles, and rather using reusable ones, also another great money saver. Another simple yet effective way to slow down climate change is turning off lights and devices when they’re not being used. This again limits carbon emissions and other harmful greenhouse gases, and yet again another money safer! These three methods are all relatively simple and super effective and money savers.

Another key way students can help slow down climate change is by spreading awareness. By first changing your own behavior you are leading by example and can be a more effective leader for the movement. Education could happen at multiple levels; a good starting place would be locally with family and friends. Suggesting everyday life changes to help their environment could include such things like recycling, using public transportation. Then students could help educate at a wider scale with coworkers and classmates and bring an urgency to the issues, using current data showing the adverse effects of climate change. Educating all these people will eventually in the long run form a more educated voter base that can demand climate change reform and use their voices to vote. Showing people how simple it is to help the environment, with the combination of you leading by example. Is a very effective way to help people develop new lifestyle choices. A combination of both lifestyle changes and education could lead to people voting for better climate change reform.

In conclusion, students have loads to contribute on slowing down climate change, first by making their own lifestyle changes in their own lives. The combination of both behavioral changes and education will lead to a smarter base of people who will understand the necessity for action. People working together is the only way we can truly tackle this massive issue.



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