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My Take on Climate Change: Natural Causes or Man Made? by City Tech Blogger Angela Knafo

Climate change has been a topic of discussion for the better part of 20 years, if not more, but only now do more people take it seriously. More and more organizations and governments are begging to take the issue of climate change more seriously. The whole world has been experiencing the “side effects” of climate change and more specifically global warming. While yes, climate change is a natural occurring phenomenon, as nothing stays the same forever, the drastic changes we are experiencing are, in my opinion, man-made. We as a whole are actively causing the accelerated rate of global warming. There is no stopping climate change, as I stated before it is a natural phenomenon, but what we can do is stop accelerating it and help our planet “be healthy”. According to an article posted in the National Geographic website, over 160 countries signed the 2015 Paris Agreement in which they agreed to reduce greenhouse gasses, pollution and have a goal of “keeping the warming below 2 degrees celsius”(Nunez, 2021). According to the same article, countries are also working on protecting forests, switching to biofuel, solar panel energy (Nunez, 2021). There are about 15 organizations that are actively advocating for ocean clean up and many of them are in partnership with other companies who have the same goals for cleaner oceans (Mambra, 2022).

Even with all this effort and pledges to help and change, things are still mostly the same. We should do something about the forest fires, and help prevent them. We should stop fast fashion which contributes to greater landfill dumping. We should charge fines and penalize companies that spill oil in our oceans, we should protect the wildlife ecosystems. Unfortunately when politics are involved nothing gets done.


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  1. Hello Angela:

    This is Jeff. I really have to agree with you on that one. It really is unfortunate that this issue has been played politically for years. As much as we would like to stop climate change completely, we know for sure that this would be completely unrealistic. The same way we cannot banish COVID entirely. As you said, “there is no stopping climate change”. So the simplest and the most effective way to reduce this from escalating is to really stop littering in public areas such as parks, beaches, etc. As you also said, “We should stop fast fashion which contributes to greater landfill dumping. We should charge fines and penalize companies that spill oil in our oceans, we should protect the wildlife ecosystems.” Also, it would literally take years for everything to be replaced with ecofriendly products such as all-electric vehicles, energy efficient appliances, etc. What’s also really devastating was the fact back in July 2022, this nation along with United Kingdom has experienced unprecedented heat waves. In Britain, it has never been this hot before. Furthermore, in some parts of China, the irrigation system has dried out so badly due to the heatwave. This even resulted to the inflation of the produces. That’s not even the worst part. While China is still pursuing the “Zero-COVID” strategy, some healthcare workers even passed out due to oppressive heat as a result of climate change. I personally feel though the Climate bill has been passed by the Senate and Congress, this will take years for this chronic dilemma to be addressed. And I will reiterate to all the human beings in the world, the most effective and the simplest way to reduce climate change is to stop the littering in public areas.

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