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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Asra Pervaiz

Climate change has been with us since the beginning of the world. Due to greenhouse gas emissions, the sun’s heat is trapped which causes the Earth to go through climate change. Earth is significantly getting warmer. Due to climate change, the Earth also goes through more extreme natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis.

In 2016, the US had a major snowstorm. Snowstorms include main factors such as freezing weather, moisture, and warm jet stream (rising air) for clouds and precipitation. However, since Arctic glaciers are melting it is causing the Earth to be much warmer, therefore one factor causing a snowstorm is eliminated. Since the Earth’s surface is also getting warmer, we have a higher percent chance of having more humidity. Storms supplied by climate change with increasing moisture are widely observed to produce heavier rain and snow.

Prevention may impact climate change and one way someone can respond to this issue is through mitigation. One approach to eliminating the flow of heat trapped in greenhouse gas emissions is to  stop burning fossil fuels for energy and electricity and use more energy saving technologies.

There is absolutely no way to stop climate change. Climate will eventually get warmer due to more greenhouse gas emissions, cutting down trees that could help in carbon reduction, and more reliance on fossil fuels, to mention just a few climate change causes. All we really need to do is keep coming up with ways to adapt to climate change.

image: https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/the-secret-reason-we-havent-stopped-climate-change-yet/


























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