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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Andray Whyte

Our world’s climate is an intriguing system that can be both beautiful and chaotic. Its our world natural cycle that helps provides our natural world lifestyles. Life on this planet depends on the natural cycle of our climate and its especially important for us. With the effect of greenhouse gas emissions, I can experience the effect of climate change especially in Guyana.
Guyana is a tropical land full of lavish rainforest. Its typical season is dry and rainy climate. As of late, that season has grown more intense over the past few years. According to the data from World Bank Group the average mean temperature dating from 1901 to 2021 has drastically increased. Temperature increase makes summer season incredibly hot. When it comes to precipitation, the pattern changes. Heavier rainfalls flood the streets of Guyana.

What I am concerned about is the coastal floods. With heavier winds Guyana often has flood issues due to high tides coming offshore. Melting of the arctic ice caps and increase water levels can be a problem for the country since its coast is 6 feet below sea level.

We as living beings on this planet must take more care of it. We must make a bigger change to withstand the climate changes to come. Adapting means being more energy efficient and finding a way to recycle gas emissions. Our planet is our home, and we must stop climate change.


image: https://newsroom.gy/2022/02/08/tougher-decisions-ahead-rising-sea-levels-may-force-g-town-relocation-cdb/

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