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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Jenson Mendez

What is Climate? Climate is the average of weather taken over a long period of time.

What is Climate Change? Climate Change is an anthropogenic change, imposed on a system of humans.

As a human in a society of humans I feel like it’s not only our responsibility to take care of the Earth but we are dependent on it too. We need the Earth’s natural resources in order to live and breathe, but we can’t abuse it either. We need to put back on Earth as we take from it. The damage we’re doing to the Earth has gone too far. We are throwing toxic gasses into the atmosphere, contaminating the natural water sources, and destroying homes of the local animals. I don’t feel good knowing that everyday even in small amounts, we are causing damage. I know that even if we stop right now at this moment, it’s still going to carry on into the next century, but we can try to decrease the process of Climate Change.

The way the U.S. can respond to this would be to find a more environmentally friendly energy source in order to decrease our carbon footprint. The US has to find a better material than plastic to store items because it takes too long to burn or break down and harms the atmosphere. We must find a new system of recycling the current plastic, glass and cardboard that’s in abundance today and overstuffing landfills with trash that takes up space. I would love to see every U.S. citizen help even a little bit to preserve animal wildlife and their habitats so our future children can admire them, as humans once did long ago and as we are still doing. We need to separate ourselves from nature, let it run on its own, not trying to take it over and destroy it. These are some of ways we can help reduce the impacts of Climate Change. Every single action has consequences and contributes to Climate Change one way or another.


image: https://www.businessinsider.in/science/environment/news/climate-change-and-human-impact-could-results-in-quarter-of-animal-habitat-disappearing-by-2100/articleshow/79084302.cms

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