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My Take on Climate Change: A Dangerous Future by a City Tech Blogger


The effects of climate change are real, they are happening right now, and some are irreversible and will last for centuries even in the best-case scenario. The pandemic and confinement have helped us highlight the impact we all have on the environment. Quarantining was a break and respite for ecosystems by reducing the emission of polluting gases due to the stopping and closure of activities in many of the industries and the decrease in transport that use fossil fuels. But this is just a small part of our fight to mitigate the effects of climate change. Humanity will eventually develop immunity to the virus and vaccines will be developed that will help us fight it. And when this happens, we will return to our daily lives, eager to do everything that we were unable to during the quarantine, and our sight of fighting climate change will be completely totally lost; something completely devastating for us.

The IPCC (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) ensures that the average temperature of the planet has increased 1.1 degrees Celsius (33.98 degrees Fahrenheit) from the levels prior to industrialization, in the mid-nineteenth century. It is the fastest temperature rise in 2,000 years. Floods in Pakistan, and the fires in Greece and in Australia, are a consequence of this evolution. Seven of the ten largest fires in California, for example, have happened in the last five years. These should be enough incentive to act now. We are in danger.

image: https://www.redaccion.com.ar/del-origen-de-la-pandemia-a-su-vinculo-con-el-cambio-climatico-que-nos-ensenan-para-la-accion/

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