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My Take on Climate Change by City Tech Blogger Saliou Diallo

Here we are in 2022 with a lot of concerns and no real action that may reverse the curse of climate change. Of course, this is a curse, we were not destined to live in such a world. Therefore, if it was uncertain a couple of years ago, nowadays things have become clearer for every single human being: Something goes wrong and actions are needed. Back in the month of December for the years of 2009 till 2012, my friends and I used to hold parties to celebrate the coming new year on cold nights, where you must wear jackets. But now our preferred month lost all its magic with the warmer winters and other times of the year there is excessive heat during the day, and only a semblance of freshness during the nights. Day after day, you realize that things go from bad to worse. We are now unable to predict temperature based on previous days as before. Temperature is drastically changing, and it seems to not follow any pattern. Our planet started to warm up and unfortunately led to more serious impacts than just feeling the heat, more so than anyone is now experiencing on the daily basis.

According to the institute for Economics and Peace, the number of natural disasters on a global scale has increased from 39 incidents in 1960 to 396 incidents in 2019. The IPCC , The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, came out with scary conclusions regarding the expectations for the late 21 century:  rising sea levels, an increase in tropical cyclones rainfall rates and intensities, more hurricanes, and so on. From my natural disasters class, we knew that the amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), and water vapor, for instance, is huge in the atmospheric layer because of human activities. For those who don’t know, greenhouse gases absorb some of the sun’s heat and release that to the earth’s surface. Hence more gases lead to more heat.

Finding a way to regulate the percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere seems to be the solution to decrease gradually the effect of global warming. However, the world is focusing more on money than on the human environment. We should care more about what is released into our atmosphere by certain companies. Is it important to be the richest man in the world? What is the point of being richer than another when that money comes from destructive activities for our planet? You have more than what you even need to live. That said, I think the focus should be somewhere else: mankind’s preoccupation as a whole. We as humans need to collaborate with no exclusions and we need to address this global concern by making rules that MUST BE FOLLOWED by all countries and people, regardless of their economic strength, history, religion, or culture. I am pretty sure that when people become aware of what is going on,  things will change: LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.


image: https://i.thenile.io/r1000/9781532085994.jpg?r=5dc08665a0ee6


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