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The Effect of Climate Change on Life by City Tech Blogger Zhenghua Li

Climate change has affected people negatively in many different ways, in terms of their  life safety, living quality, and food supply. Humans are continuing to playing an very important role in the issue of climate change. The effects of climate change have led to increased atmospheric temperatures as well as natural disasters such as flooding and droughts. Natural disasters have damaged our  society and ecosystem throughout the years. Additionally, natural disaster have led to the deaths of millions, and climate change has only accelerated the occurrence of natural disasters. It is believed that every person has contributed to the issue of climate change and this will heavily impact our society in the future.

The food supply is the basic and most important part of our society. It is the key for our survival and wellness. The influence of food supply has an huge impact in our society. Due to global warming, coastal regions are getting hotter and dryer which affects the agricultural industry because vegetables and poultry require a cool place to grow. The dry soil can make it difficult for farmers to grow enough food for vegetables and poultry to grow. This would make both vegetable and meat supply unstable in our society, and natural disasters such as droughts can only exacerbate food production. With limited food supply, the price of food is going to increase. The damage that climate change have caused to food production would make it difficult for poor people to get food.  As the price of food raises, the poor will have to find the food from the garbage bin which would endanger their health. In addition, desperate people would commit crimes to receive food and money for their survival. Additionally, farmers are affected economically from the expenses of planting and selling crops. It can potentially cause a series of chain reactions that led to destruction to our economy and other industries.

Climate change have affected the industry of tourism. Many cities around the world attract millions of tourists, which helps for the local economy. Among these cities, many of them are coastal areas. However, because of rising sea levels, islands that were once the best place for tourism have now lost many of their tourist consumers. In general, the coastal cities are considered the best place to visit in the summertime, yet climate change can potentially damage the tourist site and attraction. Additionally,  fruit production that would be normally be found in the coastal regions may be potentially damaged by climate change. Climate change isn’t only affecting tourism but has threatened people’s safety when traveling. For example, an airline  trip could be cancelled, if the weather became dangerous on route to the airline. The weather could ruin the trip, as well as the cities that tourists visit.  When the natural disaster becomes stronger under the irreversible effect of climate change, it could potentially destroy the city. In my opinion, in order to protect the industry of tourism, we need to gradually improve the issue of climate change thus preserving our structures and buildings from future disasters.

As people migrate towards cities, urbanization have caused problems for our ecosystem, and climate. Urbanization expands the size of the city, as well as pollution, and greenhouse gases (GHG). The release of GHG is a main reason for rising sea levels. Another problem in our ecosystem is deforestation which can destructive to our ecosystem and animal habitats. Without shelter, weak animals are more vulnerable to dying and their rotting body can spread disease around the area. After other animals consume their body, it would spread the disease and eventually to society. Another effect of losing habitats is destruction to plants. Many plants require bees for  pollination, and without bees, plants couldn’t survive. Similar to their ecosystem, plants and animals rely on one another to survive.

The issue of climate change is a global topic that has been contributed by people. To improve the climate change, it is necessary to take action right now rather than doing nothing and watch as the issue worsens. We need to contribute to change because it is the best way for us to protect our home and Earth.



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image: https://www.un.org/en/climatechange/what-is-climate-change








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