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Rising Sea Level by City Tech Blogger S M Murad

Rising sea level is an issue that not only a certain place in the world has to deal with. The rising sea level will affect every single human, animal, continent. The earth is in serious trouble, even though it seems this issue is not urgent, it definitely is! After the industrial period that humans had, it had a major impact on the world and our ecosystems. Everything from pollution, deforestation, pumping the world full of chemicals, destroying our oceans and many other ways, humans have been sucking life out of our  planet. Furthermore, since the beginning of the industrial period, things have only got worse, industries rose and expanded and competitors as well are always looking for the cheapest fix for their problems and the “easiest” way to get rid of their garbage. One of the biggest problems that the modern world faces is the rising sea level which is caused by mass production, the melting of the ice caps and pollution.

Companies are not regulated in a well enough manner, which leads to more resources being used up, such as coal, oil and other unrenewable resources. These resources, after being used, find themselves back on the planet in other forms such as a gas. These gasses could clog up the atmosphere and change the ecosystem in a major negative way. Additionally, manufacturing things such as cars, which burn oil consistently over so many years, only add to the effect. When companies are basically printing money by making these products, they have no intention on stopping or slowing down.

These trapped greenhouse gasses fast forward climate change in an unnatural way. That is why the ice caps are currently melting all over the world. The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, more than ever before, and every year the oceans are getting a little taller. Which may not seem like a big deal, but it should be very worrisome. The only solutions would be to adapt or migrate.

Humans as a species have really sped up or completely deviated from natural climate change. Also the amount of pollution that is building up in the world is outrageous. Companies will unload trucks of garbage into our oceans without thinking about future repercussions. This includes fishes and sea animals getting caught in trash and suffering a horrific death or the amount of garbage being put in the water is adding to the rise of the water level. It is to the point of no return. It will take decades, maybe even centuries, to undo that damage done to the oceans.

The oceans have suffered for a long time due to the negligence and greed that comes along with human nature. Humans have managed to strip a good amount of unrenewable resources from the planet and use them against the world, sending out an enormous amount of greenhouse gasses into the planet and clogging up the atmosphere. While at the same time, adding to the pollution that has accumulated throughout the centuries. The last line of defense against climate change is making a drastic difference in the way humans conduct themselves in order to save the planet!

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image: https://www.greenqueen.com.hk/goldman-sachs-report-warns-tokyo-shanghai-mumbai-to-brace-for-climate-crisis/


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